Alhijaz Chocolate LTD

Established in 2005, Alhijaz Chocolate LTD quickly became a symbol of quality and innovation in the chocolate industry, with its headquarters in Anabta village, Palestine. The company is distinguished by its diverse range of brands including Gourmet, Pogati, BEST, and ChocoMedjool, and is renowned for its focus on delivering fresh, high-quality products using advanced technologies in its production lines: molding, and enrobing.

Alhijaz Chocolate embodies a commitment to excellence and sustainability, manufacturing chocolates from carefully selected basic ingredients to offer fresh and luxurious products. The company is also certified in quality and food safety standards, holding ISO 22000:2018 and FSSC 22000 certifications, and is keen on implementing clean production activities, such as using solar energy. 

Al-Hijaz Chocolate LTD combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, placing a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and adopting a team-oriented approach in caring for its employees. This represents a testament to the rich heritage and bright future of the Palestinian chocolate industry and supports the development of the Palestinian community.


With unwavering passion, we are relentlessly dedicated to the development of our esteemed chocolate brands, Gourmet, Pogati, BEST, ChocoMedjool, and others-utilizing cutting-edge European technology and strictly adhering to the highest standards of quality, aligning with international food safety certification ISO 22000:2018, FSSC 22000. This dedication is vividly reflected in the grandeur of our chocolates, renowned for their exquisite fillings and elegant packaging, captivating customers in Palestine and globally. We are committed to cultivating a team that ex-cels in creativity and innovation; and we are deeply engaging in various forms of social responsibility initiatives.


To be of leading companies that purveys curated varieties of luxuriant premium chocolates.